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Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives. Positive goals lead to positive actions for purposeful life. Life coaching is something that truly switches your life’s dullest phase into the brightest. MGConnectIn assists all of the categories including individuals, collective groups, communities and family personals in carving their life approaches and advancing their capabilities to reach their aim. Life and Career coaching is serving claimants globally to achieve the best of the career changing decisions and they mentor the individuals for positive growth of their life ambition. If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching empowers an individual to cope with their personal and social life problems and reach for their goals in an efficient way. We as a team provide our audience a platform of professional and knowledgeable counselors in order to provide them training and guidance. MGConnectIn offers them all of the services including counseling, guidance, training, discussions and team consultant under one roof. It connects with its audience through online platform via video calls and meetings to gather their daily issues and sort them out.

Personal Grooming

Personal Grooming not only affects the way people see you but it also ponders about how you see yourself. It is very important for a positive self image as it is rightly said that, “Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes!” Our professional recruiting team aids an individual to boost up his perseverance and maintain his inner capability firm.


Parenting may be is an easy task but a good parenting is hard to adopt. Good parenting focuses on developing independence in children making them a prominent and responsible member of the society. Children learn more from what you are than what you teach. MGConnectIn influentially guides people to become this much capable to raise their children with a bright future. Parent coaching is a confidential support to help you parent at the best no matter what happens.

Career Coaching

Career Coaching aims at helping people to deal with their career related goals and issues. It is a solution based approach globally to empower the career building solutions to the audience. MGConnectIn helps out the career seekers to an ultimate best solution for their ongoing career planning and help them define, redefine and achieve their professional objectives and build the roadmaps to their destinations.
About Us
As an experienced recruiter, your career coach has years of experience identifying prospective employees and will work with you to ensure you are prepared for your next step. MGConnectIn provides you the most efficient and advisable ways to pave the new paths of your career success. It assists you with most suitable counselors, their experiences and references to the best teams around the globe. It grooms up the person’s morale and guide him to the best solutions of career and life coaching.
What We Offer ?
We benefit you in following fields:
Provide counseling in job hunting process. we equip you with professional job interview making a connection to the employers.
Prepare your CV format in order to grab a competent job platform. Offer LinkedIn training along with the tutorial as optional.
Boost up your work with LinkedIn Profile Optimization (SEO). Appraise your ongoing resume and profile.
Do someone a good turn in digital wired contact, Skype and personal consultations. Advocate the professional and potential entrepreneurs.
Administer resume up-gradation and CV, Cover Letter writing / LinkedIn Optimization. Frame the right access acknowledged by recruiters.
Payment will be taken for the above mentioned offers depending upon the services being provided.
If additional information needed, you may contact for further discussions and questionnaires by filling our form provided in the link below. We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

We also cover up the following services:

MGConnectIn is providing the side services of counseling the small business dealers by guiding the new comers of this field a way to make a successful career. Our team professionals help the indoor trainers to handle the dealers and tackling the upcoming obstacles. It has different ways to offer its services and to train the employees. Moreover, it can schedule the training and development program to provide its best recruiting and counseling services to the small scale business. In addition; it will be contributing to assist your new business dealers with a good piece of advices and consultancy.
MGConnectIn is also supporting the women working from home. As coaching guides, it provides the services of personal coaching; helping to grow up their home based business by training them personally and runs their stream line. It also trains the entrepreneurs to grow their small scale business at a good level.
For candidates who require an urgent help in career coaching; they can contact us directly by submitting the form (chargeable and not free).

How we help you?

MGConnectIn provides online sessions of consultants and professional team to make a best discussion. We as a team adapt an influential attitude with good confidence and knowledge in order to meet all your demands. We come up with the direct coaching in our online sessions along with your demands and needs and build connections. We build a powerful and relevant resume and define your value proposition. In order to make our work more efficient, we are providing you to get a chance in joining our discovery session for free where you will be given more insights about our work and we will be providing you the most reliable counseling meeting in which you may have the benefit of understanding more about what we do.
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It is to be noted that:

MGConnectIn is also providing a pro bono option in which a counseling team will deliver the meeting and aid the client at low cost. Its team is also running this counseling platform on pro bono basis for the public. It considers the people running with low budget and provides them our services at a reduced cost.
Although there is a long list of the candidates, yet it will reach them as soon as possible. Patience is required.

Important Notice:

Grab a chance to get engaged in a professional Discovery Session of 30 minutes. MGConnectIn is providing a best source of coaching to its audience globally.

How we connect?

• A Discovery Session is being provided by us in order to make our account more grasping. It is being conducted where you will get insight of what we will be doing and how we manage to connect to our audience. The price is starting from 50£. • You will get connected with our team in certain discussions and conferences via Skype and video calls. These calls and meetings will be of 40 to 45 minutes to discuss your current situation about your life phase and career. • We arrange such meetings to build a good bond between the coach and client. Moreover, we approach each client with the idea of helping him solve a problem or achieve a goal. We assure creativity beyond mark and innovation beyond doubt!
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